Art Magazines: The Pinnacles

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Best Art Magazines arround the World.

1#: Visionaire

Circulation: Three issues/year
Topic: Fashion, art, music
Editor: Guest
Country: USA

Its a kind of "Printed art gallery". This luxury publication is always a Limited Edition; different editor and photographers are invited to take a part in each number.
Each issue explores a specific topic which is developed by the guest editor through materials and formats that he crave. The final result is pure heterodoxy. 

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2#: Parkett

Circulation: Two issues/year
Topic: Contemporary art
Editor: Parkett Publisher
Country: Switzerland

Parkett defined by itself: "A large library and a small museum of contemporary art: Parkett collaborates directly with compelling international artists. To date it has published ninety two books with over 215 in-depth monographic artists’ portraits, each featuring three to four texts, and a total of some 1,400 essays by renowned authors. Next to collaborating on the selection of the authors, pictures and the design, each artist also creates a signed and numbered edition especially for Parkett, which may take any form, from prints, objects and installations to unique works of art. Since 1984 over 215 works from artists in more than forty countries have joined Parkett’s Musée en appartement, making the quarter century project both a large library and a small museum of contemporary art."

- It´s a contemporary art worldwide: for arts lovers and artists.
- An inside out view: Several artists actively participate in creating the publication down to the selection of the visuals and the page layout.
-Bonus: eache volume includes an sequences of color pages designed by one invited artist, about one special topic.
-Includes a collaboration from an artist exclusively for the readers of Parkett. (These art works, reproduced in Parkett, are available to readers in signed and numbered special editions.)

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#59 Magazine

Circulation: Two issues/year
Topic: Architecture, art, literature, music, news, photography, portraits & interviews, travel, video.
Publisher / Founder and Creative Director: Mart Engelen
Country: Netherlands. 

#59 Magazine defined by itself:  "From world affairs to art, politics to music, business to wealth, from icons to rebels, # 59 MAGAZINE is a niche publication that doesn’t follow trends but highlights a global dialogue of the cultural heritage of our daily presence with interviews and black & white photography. #59 Magazine is a biannual publication available in 16 countries worldwide in selected bookstores, conceptstores, Museums and Art Galleries."

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4 # Exit Magazine

Circulation: Quarterly.

Topic: PHOTOGRAPHY, video, video-art.  Each issue focuses on a specific theme treated through images and texts: Editorial. Articles from the perspective of art and photography history.
Central portfolio of a particular artist, accompanied by an interview and/or essay. Portfolios of four artists, accompanied by brief texts about each one. Article from the perspective of a specialist in the selected theme. Index of brief biographies of the artists whose work is reproduced.
Editor: Rosa Olivares.
Country: Spain.

Exit Defined by itself: "Is a thematic magazine. It is devoted to the most characteristic visual arts of the 21st century: photography, video and film. Its contents portray the images of the most contemporary artists - the brief yet complex history of a new and different language - and essays by theorists, specialists and writers who touch on the themes and obsessions of contemporary man.

EXIT is meant for a public that is specialized, but not only in photography. Our readers belong to the cultural world and are especially interested in images and art, from a unique contemporary perspective. There is little technical information in our magazine yet the articles are as important as the images we offer. The absence of temporal and local information endows the magazine a longer life and a more permanent nature."


5# May.

Circulation: Quarterly.
Topic: contemporary art, music, literature, interviews, exhibitions.
Editors: Catherine Chevalier, Eva Svennung.
Country: France.
Bilingual french-english.

May defined by itself: "An experimental platform for new forms of criticism. May proposes to examine matters pertaining to the field of contemporary cultural production through the publication of essays, exhibitions reviews and interviews with international contributors varyng from scholars to critics, artist, writer and curators" 

There is also the chance to buy limited editions of the magazine. Each special issue is an object designed for a specific artist. The latest issue , for example ,  brings the figure 3D of the art dealer Lars Friedrich -an scan of the gallerist´s body dated of November 30th, 2014.

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