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Just Great. While this quaterly canadian issue usually
has many point of contact with Juxtapoz,

I think Hi-Fructose makes up the least quantity of issues
with the quality offered in each of them
 - both magazine and limited edition-.

Hi-Fructose Collected 3 Box Set

Hi-Fructose Collected 2 Box Set

Hi-Fructose Collected 1 Hardcover + Box 

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Since 1994 artists and collectors building the particular style of this magazine to both help define and celebrate urban alternative and underground contemporary art. Please visit it Official Web. (here)



Circulation: Quarterly.
Topic: art, street art, tattoo, photography, interviews, exhibitions.
Editors: Danijela Krha- Richard Purssey.
Country: Australia.

Beatiful.Bizarre defined by itself: "Is a high end boutique print & digital contemporary art publication which showcases the work of leading & emerging artists, in various mediums including traditional, digital, sculpture and photography. 
Beautiful.bizarre is also an online art blog and social media network that focuses on bringing to light alternative, talented artists and photographers.Our mission is to encourage, grow and promote talented leading and emerging artists whose work goes beyond conservative contemporary art. Is the place where the unique, the evocative, and the beautifully bizarre are celebrated & readers can discover a decadent alternative to mainstream art."

- Available in both print & digital format (You Can purchase beautiful.bizarre for your portable device, i.e. iPad)
- Everyone Can submit his work or write articles for consideration to beautiful.bizarre (Submission guideline Here)

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