The Deep Meaning of Contemporary Art

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"Diamond dust shoes" by Andy Warhol
Discuss Reasons why the deep meaning of contemporary art
is hard to reach for the general audience

From 18th century art is released of all except it is own rules reaching a full potential to an experimental approach, both with new materials and figuration. As a logic evolution, the mimesis is dismissed and start the emphasis on the object of art: the world around there is not a model anymore, but is crucial the evidence of the inherent quality of the chosen material. But for the general audience search for the proposal by the artist is like solving a riddle. Often the spectator thinks that the masterpiece is just the artist whim with no sense, or mere fraud when actually the artwork wants to force to the viewer to change, taking a proactive role.

Marcel Duchamp with his ready-made.

When the spectator face on with a Duchamp´s ready-made, all their expectations about what a masterpiece is, become frustrated. Nevertheless, this doesn´t mean that piece denies any concept, but just -instead of  being a grateful experience, as will expect of traditional artwork- the object front their eyes are confused, ambiguous...

The art is now a problem to be solved. The spectator must lay out the satisfying contemplation and become into a reflexive sensibility: he must finish the piece, define it. It requires aesthetic theory, art history knowledge and philosophy to through the work surface. The spectator has a little understanding of Kandinsky if ignored his synesthetic ability and his passion for the music; a engrave of Warhol must be unaffordable to  there don´t know the critics to the consumer society of the sixties.

Car Crash (red) by Andy Warhol.
Contemporary art requires the acquisition of new skills to help to develop in the artist strategy a provocation for redefining the spectator position. The goal is not his pleasure but discomfort,  the upheaval to awake self-criticism and brand new kind of satisfaction through reflection. Fortunately, the knowledge is with new technologies, just out there for everyone, and schools and museums are working hard to near people and art. When the reject goes down, many persons just lay seduce for the atmosphere of an abstract artwork. From there to start a make the right questions, is just a step.


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